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I am currently pursuing the research project Knowledge and Reasoning. The goal is to produce new insights into the role of knowledge in theoretical reasoning. The project is ambitious and it involves traditional and formal epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and psychology. Below you will find information on aspects of the project that are currently under development.

Book Projects

Knowledge and Reasoning (monograph)

This book develops an integrated account of knowledge and theoretical reasoning. It develops the thesis that knowledge is the goal and the norm of theoretical reasoning. The resulting view sheds new light on knowledge: it gives a principled solution to the dogmatism paradox, to the infallibilism/fallibilism dispute, and to the Gettier Problem. The view also makes a new contribution to the epistemology of reasoning: it explains the role of logic in theoretical reasoning, and how the psychology of reasoning matters to epistemology.

Illuminating Errors: New essays on Knowledge from Non-Knowledge (co-edited with Ian Schnee)

The book collects new essays from leading epistemologists on the topic of knowledge from non–knowledge. The epistemological tradition from Aristotle to Edmund Gettier has taught us that inferential knowledge cannot come from premises that are not themselves known. However, in the last ten years or so epistemologists have begun to directly challenge this venerable tradition. The contributions in this volume explore whether the challenge to the tradition is successful, and, if it is, what this means to the theory of knowledge in general and to the theory of inferential knowledge in particular.