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I currently teach graduate and undergraduate level courses at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, where I am an assistant professor of philosophy.

During my PhD I taught undergraduate courses at Rutgers University and at Montclair State University, first as a teaching assistant with full responsibilities and later as an adjunct.

Courses Taught

Graduate-level courses

Seminar on Defeasible Reasoning and Knowledge First Epistemology.
Seminar on Inferential Knowledge and Knowledge First Epistemology.
Seminar in Neurophilosophy (co-taught with Nythamar de Oliveira and Fabricio Pontin).

Undergraduate-level courses

Foundations of Logical Reasoning.
Introduction to Philosophical Thinking and Ethics.
Theory of Knowledge.
Knowledge and Assertion.
Introduction to Logic.
Philosophy of Science.
Introduction to Philosophy.
Current Moral and Social Issues.
Current Movements in Philosophy.
Descartes, Locke and the Seventeenth Century.